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Italian Lessons for Kids at the Tuscany Social Club

The Tuscany Club looks forward to welcoming all current and new parents and our students on Saturday 5th February 2022 at 10am.  We have received a lot of interest from many families who will join us, so it will be another very exciting year!!

Tuscany Club Association, Italian lessons 2022 programme overview

In 2022 we will develop our practice following the work produced in the previous year.

All our classroom activities will be conducted in Italian except for the 15 minutes group morning tea between 11am and 11:15am. This means that our students will interact in Italian for the entire two hours.

We will focus on four themes, with Italian culture at the focus of our learning environment. Our learning will be project based. We will conduct tasks that are in line with the general year theme: Italian culture.

Term 1:

Italian culture from a local perspective.

Term 2:

Italian culture from a regional perspective.

Term 3:

Italian culture from a national perspective.

Term 4:

Italian culture from an international perspective.

We will explore systems of language within our task and project driven work. Students will work collaboratively to encourage peer to peer learning.

Italian is one of the most widely-studied languages in the world.

Here at the Tuscany Club, we have Italian lessons every Saturday from 10:00 am-12:00.

The students learn how to speak Italian, use correct Grammar, read and write in Italian, and become fluent Italian speakers.


Just letting you all know that we have a new teacher Ms Flavia Allegretti!

Since 2005 Flavia has been an Italian teacher In Perth. She tailors lessons to students’ specific needs. Lessons can be delivered in person and remotely. She has also implemented effective teaching strategies to ensure the best learning outcomes for all students and has consistent
student satisfaction.
From July 2021 she has been employed by Dante Alighieri Society of Western Australia to teach Kindy Year 2, Year 3-6.

Learning Italian!

Would you like to come to Italian lessons?

Come learn a bit about Italian language and culture!

See you at Italian lessons on Saturday mornings!